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Interior & Exterior Painting

Finding the right painter can make all the difference in your home improvement plans. When choosing the color and shade for your home, you want someone that will be able to give you a smooth, clean coat of paint. At GWB Coatings, LLC we have the skill and dedication to give you what you’re looking for.

Interior painting jobs can pose all kinds of challenges. If the ceilings and floors are different colors, you have to make sure that one doesn’t drip into the other. Also, different types of materials are going to affect how the paint looks so there are specific types of paint to use depending on what it is being applied to. GWB Coatings, LLC can take care of all of this along with exterior painting.

Exterior painting generally requires a bit more prep work than interior jobs. On these jobs, you may be dealing with environmental conditions like weather, bugs, dirt, algae, and wrinkling. You will have to sand off and scrape loose paint, and possibly use chemical stripping methods. Power washing may also be required for surfaces that have accumulated a lot of dirt and grime. As a top-notch Orlando exterior painter, we will be there to provide the services that you specifically need.

With so many factors to consider, you definitely want professional painting contractors on the job. If you’re looking for high quality painting services in Orlando, FL, contact GWB Coatings, LLC today for an Orlando exterior painter you can rely on.